People looking to sell used mobiles could get their hands on an Apple iPhone 4, which has been included in a list of the best smartphones on the market.

According to CNET UK, the handset’s new screen, sleek glass body and new software features make it a leader in its group, despite stiff competition from Android models.

Flora Graham, writer for the website, said: “[iPhones are] excellent if you’re keen on a large screen for reading documents or watching videos.”

However, she added that although the iPhone is one of the most popular devices around, the HTC Desire, BlackBerry Bold 9700 and the Samsung Galaxy S also give it a run for its money.

Keen fans of the iPhone in the UK, Germany, France, US and Japan were able to pick it up from June 24th and more than 1.7 million did so within the first three days of it being on sale.

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