Apple iPhone 3G S users have been told they should check with O2 before taking their device abroad.

A spokesman for iLounge, an independent online resource dedicated to news and information about the touchscreen handset, said getting an idea of what to expect with regards charges was wise if people were planning a holiday.

Jeremy Horwitz, editor-in-chief of the site, said although using a prepaid Wi-Fi service – such as those available in many hotels – would mean a different rate that needs to be investigated in advance.

"Telephone, text message, or internet use will be charged at high foreign rates," he added. "Contacting your cellular service provider is a smart first step if you plan to use the device overseas."

A recent blog article posted by Simon Jary of PC Advisor looked at how taking an iPhone abroad does not need to be an expensive move.

He recommended using Wi-Fi wherever possible and not checking emails unnecessarily – particularly if attachments are included.

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