The success of the App Store has shown that when properly managed there is a healthy market for mobile downloads, according to one expert.

With Apple iPhone 3G users leading the charge of consumers regularly getting online to obtain the latest software, a spokesman for Mformation Technologies, has said it is unsurprising that others have followed.

Rob Dalgety, marketing director of the sector analyst, said if companies like Research In Motion, Nokia, Google, Microsoft and Palm follow the App Store creator’s business model a “vibrant ecosystem” could exist.

He explained it was important for such groups to make sure they are doing all they can to address the needs of the consumer, while also keeping things simple.

“These stores must be fun to use and must provide a compelling end-user experience that hides any underlying technology complexity,” Mr Dalgety concluded.

Earlier this year, the number of downloads obtained from the Apple App Store topped one billion – were you one of its users?

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