Usability is one of the key components that have made the Apple iPhone 3G and its recently-launched S replacement so successful, one expert has claimed.

A spokeswoman for, an internet portal that specialises in news and reviews on the latest phones and other gadgets, said the company had been very savvy in bringing a simple interface to the handset.

Linsey Fryatt, online editor at the site, stated it was clear the secret to the popularity of both the Apple iPhone 3G S and its predecessor was based on the template which had already been well received on the firm’s computers.

"I don’t think any phone has come close to that in terms of its ease of use, the way it gathers all its applications together and presents them in a really user-friendly environment," she added.

In addition, Ms Fryatt drew attention to the touchscreen, which was not only an industry first, but had also been developed with a large focus on quality.

Apple recently announced quarterly net profits of $1.23 billion (£0.75 billion), which it is thought the new iPhone played a major part in.

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