One expert has looked at the growth of the high performance smartphone market and singled out the Apple iPhone 3G S as an example.

According to Keith Dyer, the editor of industry news, reviews and analysis publication Mobile Europe, by updating the multimedia handset, its creators are addressing consumer desire.

He explained there had been a sharp increase in demand for mobile that incorporate the latest technologies and various components within the iPhone reflect this.

Among these is the 256 MB of RAM memory the unit boasts and the integration of a 600 MHz processor – features which give the gadget the feel of a personal computer.

However, Mr Dyer went on to say that those recycling mobile phones in the hope to obtain a model that has cloud-based technology on board could be waiting “a long time”.

The Apple iPhone 3G S is available now on O2 pay-as-you-go tariffs, as well as the latest contracts.

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