New advice has been offered to Apple iPhone 3G users that might help them get the best out of their device.

A spokesman for GadgetReview, an online resource that keeps its visitors up-to-date with the latest happenings in the world of electronics, said there were some simple solutions to the handsets supposed problems.

Christen da Costa, founder of website, said the model had taken a lot of stick from people who had complained about battery life and other issues, but this was easily fixed.

“When travelling on vacation, shut down any of the battery’s draining features you’ve enabled for your work week,” he suggested.

“I’d also invest in a battery pack as well and the mophie Juice Pack Air is definitely a good choice.”

This week, the battery booster was commented on by its manufacturer, which said it was the ideal solution to taking the Apple iPhone 3G S on long journeys.

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