The Apple iPhone 3G S is a gadget that has defied one expert’s expectations with its ability to appeal to all types of user.

According to a spokesman for Mobile Entertainment, a monthly publication that considers the latest movements in the sector with news and analysis, the device is a hit with a wider demographic than he previously thought it would be.

Tim Green, executive editor of the magazine, said it originally looked as if the handset would target the same type of users as are likely to use Apple computers on a daily basis.

“I thought it would be the Mac of the mobile world – that a lot of graphic designers and creative types would buy it,” he explained. “But looking around the office […] probably more than half the people here have iPhones now.”

The Apple iPhone 3G is available exclusively on the O2 network in the UK and a recent survey from Strategy Analytics showed its creators shipped 5.2 million of them globally between April and June.

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