Smartphones such as the The Apple iPhone 3G are no longer just technological wizardry but an everyday essential item, it has been claimed.

Writing in the New York Times, Steve Lohr suggested in today’s economic climate people are penny-pinching to save money, but when it comes to phones they are prepared to trade in their old mobile and open up their wallets to get their hands on the latest version.

He explained the surge in demand for such devices is a "case of a trading-up trend in technology that is running strong enough to weather the downturn".

The smartphone story is "as much about consumer sociology and psychology as it is about chips, bytes and bandwidth," Mr Lohr added.

Speaking to the newspaper, one consumer said he enjoys being "always connected", no matter where he is and he uses his phone to surf the internet, take notes and send email.

He added the iPhone is a minicomputer that has become a physical part of him.

This week, the The Apple iPhone 3G S was unveiled in San Francisco at the manufacturer’s Worldwide Developers Conference.

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