Those with the latest phones from Apple may be impressed with a new puzzle game that has been launched on the platform, Pocket gamer reports.

Keith Andrew writes in a piece for the online news and reviews resource that Ms Chuck the Ball is a low-priced update of a classic title that may be worth a second look.

Although there is little difference in style and playability to the previous version of the game, he explains that the issue of “dodgy controls” appears to have been fixed on this latest release.

Players are challenged to control a ball through a maze of obstacles and hazards such as spikes, while collecting stars and generating points along the way, but Mr Andrew explains that there have been some changes here too.

“In the original, [movement] was achieved by placing directional markers on individual squares by swiping the screen … With this follow up, you direct the ball mid-flow,” he concludes.

Other recent Pocket Gamer reviews for the Apple iPhone 3G platform have included Brawn GP Racing, Manage Your Football Club and Star Hogs.

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