New technologies such as the Apple iPhone 3G can help bring positivity to users, it has been said.

Justin Cooke is chairman of the British interactive Media Association and said online smartphones such as this “generally add to a more positive state of being”.

He explained that because of the many new innovations and gadgets that are filling the market, humans need to keep a balance and know the pros and cons of using so many systems and devices.

But such technology like the Apple iPhone 3G can greatly benefit day-to-day lifestyles, Mr Cooke added, going on to say that “lives are getting better and our general wellbeing is improving [through] the use of [the] applications that are now available”.

Some handsets come with lots of features and functions that can make organising things much easier and more convenient.

Many old mobile phones can be recycled for cash, making a newer model more cost-effective.

This process also makes sure materials used in the device are disposed of properly.

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