The Apple iPhone 3G and the current state of the mobile gaming market are just some of the subjects that have been debated by one expert recently.

In an article for the gigaom website, Colin Gibbs spoke to Robin Boyar, a US-based online, console and mobile software specialist who has worked in the sector for over 15 years.

He asked the expert how she felt about the current trends in the market and how much of an impact the Apple iPhone 3G had made on portable gaming technology.

Ms Boyar told the interviewer that the area has been in something of a slump due to the way in which titles have been located and downloaded, something that modern platforms have addressed.

She said many publishers originally thought consumers wanted console quality games on their devices – but this was a mistake.

"What they failed to recognise … is that most people when they’re playing on a phone want a short, quick, easy-to-play experience," Ms Boyar concluded.

The top five games of 2009 for the Nokia N-Gage platform were published recently by pocket gamer, which listed Dance Fabulous, Age of Empires 3, Real Football 2009, Worms World Party and Pandemonium.

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