Individuals who opt to sell mobile phones in order to fund a move to one of the leading tablet devices will continue to find the Apple iPad is the best in the range.

That is the opinion of Iain Thomson, US editor at, who says none of the mode’s rivals can get close to it in terms of quality and popularity.

While plenty of manufacturers are planning to release tablets, Mr Thomson suggests Apple has not got “anything too much to worry about”.

Commenting on the recent Consumer Electronics Show, he notes: “We’ve had 100 tablets announced, or over 100 tablets announced, at the show and generally they’re all being built by the same manufacturer and just rebadged.”

Perhaps the only competitor the expert has praise for is Motorola, which Mr Thomson admits he perhaps wrote off too soon as it is now providing some top releases.

International Data Corporation recently announced the worldwide PC market is slowing, perhaps in part because of the rise in popularity of tablets.

Posted by Claire Marshall

Written by Mazuma

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