Apple ‘investigating iPhone 8 split complaints’

Apple might be on a high following the unveiling of the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X, but the company might just have been brought down to earth.

According to the Independent, some customers have reported a rather serious fault in their new iPhone 8.

For instance, one person saw their iPhone 8 Plus get a crack as it was charging, apparently with an official cable.

Another said their handset arrived with a similar crack on the side and posted pictures on Twitter to highlight the problem.

Apple has confirmed it is investigating a handful of reports about the issue but did not go into detail about what's causing it or what it plans to do.

Observers believe the issue might the battery swelling as it is being charged, but it's not believed that it causes any danger to users.

Nevertheless, it's a potentially embarrassing problem given all the buzz around the iPhone brand right now.

After all, the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus were billed as a "new generation of iPhone that [improves] on everything we love about iPhone".

The new glass and aluminium designs are one particularly noteworthy feature, along with the Retina HD displays and the A11 Bionic, described by Apple as the "smartest chip ever in a smartphone".

Features such as its advanced camera functionality and high quality video capture have also been much hyped, as has its AR optimisation.

It's unlikely that this issue with the splits will cause serious damage to the iPhone brand and we're confident a solution will be found.

But really, it has to happen soon if people are going to buy the iPhone 8, particularly as the launch of the iPhone X is imminent.

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