Mobile phone manufacturer Apple has evolved the security questions for what it appears to be a more secure method of verification for users of iCloud and Apple ID.

The company, which has been under scrutiny this week for security issues, will now allow users across the UK to choose “trusted” devices to confirm they are legitimate before any changes are made to their iTunes, iCloud or Apple ID accounts.

Customers in Ireland, United States, New Zealand and Australia will also be able benefit from the new security methods from today (March 22nd). As soon as users finish the sign-up process, whenever a change is made to the account details a verification code will be sent to the “trusted” device by text message.

Simply entering the code will confirm your identity and enable full access to the account. It avoids any trouble with people forgetting their security answers and also the risk of others guessing the answers to other users’ accounts.

Account users are also given a recovery key incase they lose their “trusted” device or forget their Apple ID. People can also opt out of the change if it doesn’t suit.

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