Apple is facing an uphill struggle to get sales of the Samsung Galaxy S3 banned in the US after a judge said it could not lump its filing with existing complaints.

US District Court judge Lucy Koh said she is too busy with current complaints to take on a new one and is not keen on finding the time to deal with a fresh claim.

Apple has requested that a sales ban on the Galaxy S3 be lumped together with other complaints it has against the Korean giant, however, Ms Koh quashed this possibility.

She said the pending motion for preliminary injunction is fully briefed and as a result the court will not consider any further information or briefing.

Apple claims that Samsung infringed its interface patents in the design of the Galaxy S3.

"If Apple seeks to file a motion to enjoin sales of the Samsung Galaxy S3, Apple will have to request a new hearing date from the court," the judge continued.

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