Apple mobile phones could soon recognise their users through their skin tone or heart beat after the manufacturer applied to patent a new system using presence technology.

It has lodged the innovation with the US Patent and Trademark Office, and details have been published on the site Patently Apple.

The portal claims that this is the company's third "detailed presence related patent", which means that it is going to become an "important trend worth noting going forward".

Technology such as this can be used to unlock a device more quickly than current standards, while power could also be saved in some modes.

"Apple began their work on this project back in October 2009 and followed through with an extensive patent application in December 2011. In their latter application, Apple was exploring the use of sonar technology and in their current work Apple reveals a number of other sensors being considered such as radar," the website said.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 already has some form of presence technology, as users can choose to unlock their device through face recognition.

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