New reports suggest that Apple is about to release its latest version of mobile phone software. 

According to BGR, the Cupertino company has finished testing the iOS7.1 version of its operating system, after months of trialling beta software. The source claims that a public release of Apple's iOS 7.1 could be just around the corner, with reports indicating that the manufacturer has no plans to release any more beta versions for developers.

After five beta versions have been tested by a handful of experts, there is only a gold master version to arrive before it can be launched for the general public. According to BGR's source, Apple's latest software should be available to global users from the start of March.

Apple's iOS 7 was released months ago, meaning that a new version is well due. Reports suggest that the updated software will bring new features such as iOS in the Car, as well as improving and fixing other elements and bugs in the current software.

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