Phones that run on the brand new Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system might be among the most appealing to those who sell mobiles in the near future and subsequently seek a replacement.

Google has unveiled its latest platform, which is said to feature a number of new and innovative features.

Following hot on the heels of Apple’s launch of its iOS 5, Android’s offering boasts a redesigned user interface and state-of-the-art technology.

Also known as Android 4.0, the operating system is the latest in a line of Google platforms to take their names from desserts.

Leigh Geary, of, told the BBC: “It’s interesting that Google [has] chosen to unify the operating system across both smartphones and tablets. Previously the Honeycomb version of Android was purely for tablets.”

Apple’s release of the iOS 5 platform accompanied its launch of the new iPhone 4S, which sold more than four million units in its first weekend on the shelves.

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