People looking to recycle their mobile phones to get new handsets have been increasingly looking toward Android devices ahead of BlackBerry products, it has been claimed.

Professor of public engagement with technology at Cambridge University John Naughton, speaking on the Guardian Tech Weekly podcast, suggested that BlackBerry phones used to be associated with status but that is no longer the case.

Technology editor at the publication Charles Arthur added that the “seeds of destruction” for BlackBerry were laid some time ago but the company didn’t recognise it as the smartphone market was booming.

“Android is really the reason that the whole phone market has been disrupted in this way so that companies such as Nokia and particularly RIM have really been hit very hard,” he continued.

Latest figures suggested that troubled mobile phone provider BlackBerry is still the most popular smartphone choice in the UK with 27.7 per cent of the market share, which equates to 8.5 million UK subscribers.

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