When Google announced its latest operating system, Android L, at this year's I/O conference just last month, it seemed like it would be the big moment of the year for the company – but it seems that one of its minor announcements at the show may be about to take centre stage now, with the company's new smartphone getting ready for release.

As well as being the OS on the majority of the most high-end phones on the market, Android is the largest platform around the world for capturing people who are converting from old style mobile devices to smartphones for the first time, and it is this area of the sector that it is looking to target with its new handset. 

The Android One budget range is designed to appeal to people who have a desire for a phone with 'no frills' but are also looking for something that is value for money, and now it looks like we could be just a couple of months from seeing the first of these on the market. 

According to a report in the Economic Times, Google is starting to put the wheels in motion for a huge marketing campaign for its first Android One device, with release targeted for October this year, in line with Google's original target of fall 2014.

It is thought that this new Android device will cost buyers in the region of some $100 – or just £60 – to get their hands on, and for the money, it will come with a rather impressive set of specs, apparently.

Nothing official has been released yet, but we are expecting to see the Android One device packing a 4.5-inch screen, dual-SIM, an SD slot and FM radio, and it is expected to be built by Micromax.

The original run of these phones will be targeted at the emerging markets, but if it happens to be the success we predict, then it might not be too long until it lands in the UK as well. 

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