People who have been recycling mobile phones in order to switch to another device – such as tablets – may have increasingly turned to Android models over recent months.

New figures from ABI Research show that the operating system took 20 per cent of the market share away from the Apple iPad when it comes to tablets in the last year.

While Apple remains the market leader – and the iPad 2 its most recent and hi-tech device – the statistics suggest platforms such as Android are closing the gap.

Jeff Orr, mobiles devices group director at ABI Research, said many of Apple's rivals have not done anything to differentiate themselves, allowing the US firm to remain in a strong position.

"In fact, most have introduced products at prices higher than similarly-configured iPads. Apple, never a company to be waiting for others, has introduced its second-generation iPad media tablet while keeping product pricing unchanged," he stated.

Apple iPad users were boosted recently when the BBC announced it had launched a special iPlayer app for the device.

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