Android has announced that the Google Play Edition of the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be getting its latest mobile phone update – KitKat 4.4. It also appears that the latest upgrade will be available for the Google-powered Nexus 5.

Updates have already started for these devices but, as with these sort of things, it could take a while to reach your handset. According to Android Authority, the Google Play Edition of the HTC One can also download this update, though HTC said One users will have to wait until January 2014 to get their hands on KitKat.

The update will include a number of tweaks and improvements, which should visibly make the user experience feel cleaner.

However, the HTC update won't include the Google Experience Launcher that Nexus 5 owners will be treated to when Android 4.4 arrives. The feature adds a Google Now page onto the device's home screen.

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