The BBC has put forward plans to improve its iPlayer Android mobile phone app, and device owners should benefit from some developments before Christmas.

Writing an Apple iPhone app can be much easier for developers, since there is a small range of similar devices which need to be catered for.

However, since the Google operating system runs on a wide variety of handsets, including gadgets like the Samsung Galaxy S3 and LG Nexus 4, optimisation for this firmware is more complex. 

The BBC plans to enable high-quality video on those devices which can support it, while improving performance on old mobile phones by providing lower resolution streams.

It will also take the internet connection into consideration, so that streaming is not too laborious over a 3G network, for example.

Programmers will also be working to improve the user interface, allowing a more intuitive and attractive format, and plan to provide support for more Android mobile phones.

Posted by Simon Thomas

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