Paid applications that people can purchase through Google’s Android Market app store are too expensive and are upsetting the balance of the industry, experts have claimed.

Analysts at Canalys are concerned that top paid-for apps from the Android Market cost more than the equivalent downloads on the Apple Store. The experts even claim that in some cases Android users are paying over two-times more for software toys than their Apple counterparts.

Managing director for mobile at Canalys Rachel Lashford said the fact that fewer people are willing to purchase apps on Android devices than on iOS means firms are having to charge more.

“Developers and publishers need to balance the iOS volume opportunity with a potentially greater value per download opportunity on Android,” Ms Lashford continued.

Research from the firm shows that for people in the US to purchase the top 100 paid-for apps in the Android Market would cost on average $3.74 (£2.36), while the same list on iOS would be $1.47 per app.

Posted by Peter Robinson

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