New research has shown that the rate of iOS and Android device adoption has surpassed that of any consumer technology in history.

The research – conducted by Flurry – is based on analytics data from 200,000 applications. It claims that there were more than 640 million Android and iOS devices in use during July 2012 alone.

Flurry estimates that it can reliably detect over 90 per cent of iOS and Android devices in the world during any given month.

The latest smartphone sales data from IDC found that Android’s market share of the number of mobile phones shipped during the second quarter of 2012 was 68.1 per cent.

Flurry’s Peter Farago said in a company blog that China’s active installed base could overtake the US during the holiday season of 2012.

“Year-over-year, Flurry calculates that net active devices in the U.S. grew by approximately 30 million, while China saw more than 100 million new active devices enter the market,” he continued.

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