It looks like Amazon might be manufacturing its own mobile phone handset, as it has been rumoured to be doing for some time now.

The company has apparently placed several orders with Taiwanese company Primax, according to DigiTimes, for compact camera modules (CCMs) that are commonly used in smartphones.

Amazon will allegedly be using six CCMs in each one of its rumoured handsets, half of which will be from Primax.

The mystery mobile phone may also feature ‘floating touch’ technology, which allows the touchscreen to be used without actually being touched.

DigiTimes reports that this handset will be released in the first half of 2014, however Amazon has not made any statement about the mobile phone.

Amazon already has its own model of tablet, the Kindle Fire, so a smartphone would not be coming completely out of the blue for the company.

Rumours of such a handset have been circulating for years, however this supposed CCM order would seem to be more concrete evidence than has been seen before.

Posted by Claire Marshall

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