One expert has tackled an issue that may have been on the minds of many mobile phone users – just what are the advantages of trading in an HTC Desire for the new Desire S model?

Flora Graham, writing for CNET UK, says it is easy to come to the conclusion that there are very few upgrades in the new phone.

After all, she notes the Desire S has the same name, screen, size and processor speed, leading the author to ask: "Is it just the same phone in a new aluminium suit?"

However, it is not, as Ms Graham quickly discovers by stating the Desire S may have the same speed processor but it offers more RAM and storage.

It also adds a front-facing camera to its model which can be used for video calls and self-portraits – functions the original model failed to offer.

HTC recently announced the launch of not only the Desire S but the ChaCha and Wildfire S too.

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