Acer wants to build its own mobile phone that will run Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 OS, but not just yet.

The company seems to be biding its time as it told Techradar that although “everyone in our smartphone team would really like to deploy Windows OS,” it has decided it needs to figure out whether or not it makes sense from a business point of view.

It isn’t the first time that Acer and Microsoft have teamed up to produce a smartphone, the firms released the Allegro in 2011, which ran Windows Phone 7.5 from the software giant.

Acer seems to be wanting more communication from Microsoft before it takes the leap with the latest operating system as the company’s vice president of smartphones Allen Burnes said: “What they [Microsoft] has to do is communicate. They can’t rely on Nokia, which has its own challenges of rebuilding its brand, to do it for them.”

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