Those looking to sell mobilephones may think Acer is a brand more associated with computing, but a new article suggests it could succeed in the handset market.

In an article for Trusted Reviews this week, Niall Magennis looked at the manufacturer’s neoTouch S200 and explained that although it does not boast the build quality of some of its peers, it does top them in other areas.

The design of the Acer smartphone is described as “sleek” and particular attention is paid to the gadget’s fast processing and the “beautiful screen” – features that may be buoyed by the firm’s experience in the laptop sector.

However, it is the pricing and overall performance of the device that Mr Magennis noted may interest those looking to sell mobiles for a new gadget.

“You get a lot for you money and if you’re the type of person who values raw speed over build quality then we definitely think it’s worth checking out, especially as you can pick it up for less than HTC’s slower Touch HD,” he said.

Phone Arena’s recent review of the Acer phone suggested the Samsung Omnia II I8000 as a possible alternative.

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