Late summer is the period when the smartphone market starts to return from a well deserved holiday and we begin to see more new phones hitting the shelves around the world. This has meant that the last week has been filled with new announcements and leaks from some of the world’s biggest firms about what they’re going to be releasing a couple of months from now.

We take a look at some of the biggest news from the past seven days.


Mixed messages have been pretty much part and parcel of Microsoft’s pairing with Nokia since the former bought out the latter earlier this year, but this week saw it clarify at least one point. The Nokia X2, which will be released soon, will be the last time the firm looks to experiment with its smartphone branch and Google’s Android OS, bringing to an end a test that also saw Nokia X released earlier this year, to much acclaim.

The past week has also seen it release a new update, Windows Phone 8.1, with Nokia Lumia 1520 users the first to get their hands on a range of new exciting features.


It has been yet another busy week of rumours coming out of Apple, but perhaps the biggest one yet is the fact that we may see four variants of the iPhone 6 rather than two. We expected to see a 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch phone, but rumours from GSMArena suggest a budget iPhone 6C could be in production as well.

Elsewhere, rumours from “people in the know” have circulated this week that show Apple is feeling confident about its prospects moving forward, asking its suppliers to produce 70 to 80 million handsets for release, which would see it outsell the iPhone 5S from 2013.


It’s been seven days filled with leaks for Sony’s alleged upcoming new flagship the Xperia Z3, and it seems not a lot has changed. The look of the phone, from @evleaks images, is basically identical to the Z2, while the specs show a surprising lack of upgrades. Does Sony have something up its sleeve?

Away from smartphone territory, rumours have also spread in Chinese media that Sony is set to hit the phablet market with a rather smart looking device, which could well be an Xperia Z Ultra sequel, called the Sony Xperia Z3X.


For Samsung, the persistent rumours about the release of a new phone to replace the Samsung Galaxy S5 have, yet again, been on the agenda this week, after pictures appeared on a blog in the Far East with a screenshot bearing the name Samsung Galaxy Alpha on display.

Images later in the week also once again purported to show the device, this time looking distinctly like the Galaxy S5 from the back.


And finally, while the rest of the world has had its focus firmly on the high end of the market with new flagships the order of the day, Motorola has once again looked to plough its own furrow in the budget range, with an announcement it is bringing out a Motorola Moto G2.

New images and specs of the rumored Moto G2 have shown up on Mallandono Android and it appears similar aesthetically to its predecessor, although it is thought that the phone will be slightly better inside that the Moto G, packing a quad-core ARM V7 (VFPv4 NEON) processor and an Adreno 305 GPU.

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