People that get hold of smart mobile phones to download applications for day-to-day use are increasingly looking towards free apps, a new report has found.

An increasingly important topic being bandied around at this week’s Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona is how best to monetise mobile apps, however, a Strategy Analytics report has shown that 83 per cent of all downloaded smartphone applications are free.

The report also found that people in the UK downloaded an average of ten more apps per user in 2011 when compared to 2010 and 92 per cent of all Android applications downloaded in Western Europe have cost nothing.

“With very few customers paying for apps at all, application offerings should be seen as a customer retention tool rather than a stream for revenue generation,” senior analyst in the Strategy Analytics User Experience Practice Christopher Dodge.

The majority of Android’s applications may be available for free because recent research has shown that the operating system’s apps are more than double the price of Apple’s offerings.

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