A new 80-style retro mobile phone has been launched by Carphone Warehouse, known simply as The Brick.

The device harks back to the long-forgotten generation of mobile phones and is on sale for £50 from the firm.

It boasts a standby battery life of up to one month and comes with the once-popular game Snake, which picked up a following when it appeared on Nokia devices in 1998.

The device can be connected to a modern smartphone via Bluetooth allowing it to make and receive text messages and calls, however it can operate as a standard phone on its own.

It comes with a 2G connection, a built in LED torch and colour screen. The multifunctional device can also be used as a loudspeaker to play the music stored on a smartphone.

For the first two weeks of sale the device will only be available in Carphone Warehouse stores, with plans to extend its reach in the future.

Posted by Samantha Green

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