It’s that time of the year when everyone gets into the romantic spirit – yes indeed, Valentine’s Day is upon us. Here are five apps to help get you in the mood, ensure that you have a wonderful time with your partner on the day and additionally, ensure that your relationship is “optimised” at all times.

Love Quotes

Sometimes you want to tell your partner how much you love them in a poetic kind of a way, but feeling somewhat lacking when it comes to composing words that have a lyrical and rhythmical meaning to it.

Well, worry not, throughout the ages, there have been those blessed with the kind of creative power that makes up for our shortfalls. With Love Quotes, you can search a database that contains over 2,000 quotes that you share with the love of your life.

Print Studio

It is fair to say that the days of photo albums is long behind us and while sad, is simply the most logical outcome of living in a tech-driven and digital age. These days we’re more likely to take, enjoy and share pictures via smartphones and other handheld devices.

However, there is still something wonderful about looking through a collection of physical photos, and Print Studio is just one of many providers offers users the ability to print their mobile photos off, as well as the ability to put them in an album. It’s great for capturing the magical moments you’ve had with your partner.


This one is a lifesaver for gents in particular, as, if many rom-com movies highlight, when it comes to Valentine’s Day, many guys will either completely forget about the event or forget to purchase some nice flowers, ending up with the worst of a wicked bunch of flowers from a late night service station.

This app from Interflora changes all of that, by making it easier than ever before to order flowers at any time of the day. Moreover, and this is particularly useful for those that leave everything to the last minute, there is the ability to order flowers from a three-hour range. There is no room for excuses.


At first this may not seem like the most romantic of apps, but, if you consider how beneficial it is, what it lacks in oomph it makes up in effectiveness and practicality. It is, quite often, the little things, that make all the difference when in a relationship.

Avocado basically lets you and your partner be better organised with one another, offering you, for example, the ability to send each other private messages, share a calendar and lists, exchange media and even receive notifications if your partner’s battery is about to die.

Food & Drink

Some of the most magical moments you spend with your partner either start or happen at a restaurant or bar, over some delicious food and with some exceptional drinks. Now, the challenge is choosing the perfect establishment, as you want to make these occasions memorable.

You can do that with the Food & Drink app, a comprehensive (5,000 listed establishments) app that provides you with fully photographed and reviewed restaurants from which to select from. It’s brilliant for finding eateries and bars that may have gone amiss and getting the lowdown on quality from other users.ADNFCR-2155-ID-801775324-ADNFCR

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