Don’t charge your iPhone overnight every night

It's a fairly standard part of our bedtime routine these days. Get changed, brush your teeth, put your phone on charge, go to sleep.

But if you've got an iPhone, this might be causing some damage to your prized handset.

According to Hatem Zeine, chief technical officer of wireless charging company Ossia, excessive charging can harm the iPhone's battery.

Speaking to the New York Times, he said: “When you charge fast all the time, you limit the lifespan of the battery.”

This, he said, is because phones are designed to receive current quickly, so charging them up doesn't take too long.

As a result, leaving them on charge overnight on a daily basis means current passes rapidly between each side of a battery for a long period.

This can lead to parts of the battery starting to corrode, which ultimately means it won't last very long and will need replacing.

So perhaps it's worth taking another look at your bedtime routine and making sure you don't have your phone hooked to the mains for any longer than is absolutely necessary.

Why not charge it during your favourite TV show and turn it off overnight so you aren't tempted to use it in the middle of the night?

Not only will you end up with a smartphone battery that lasts for longer, you might also get a better night's sleep!


Written by Mazuma

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