With an sector such as the mobile phone industry growing rapidly by the day, it is not unusual for even the most non-technological people to have old mobile phones in their bottom drawer. ‘Old’ of course, does not always mean broken, but just simply out of date, therefore it is not always necessary and is certainly not very productive just to throw it away. With the parallel growth of the Internet and online auction companies such as eBay, it is often tempting to advertise your old mobile phone in order to gain some money to put towards a new one. However anyone who has ever experienced online selling, will know that the selling process is not always that easy. There are often problems with buyer reliability, when payments do not come through or transactions are cancelled or payments are not on time.

There is the other drawback of product reliability in the sense that it is often difficult to know what shape the mobile phone is in when you sell or indeed buy it. Most sell their old mobile believing that it is in full working order, however it is impossible to know of future complications which often lead to goods being returned and money and time being lost. Thus it is well worthwhile considering phone recycling for cash or even for a considerable reduction on your new mobile phone contract.

At Mazuma we exchange old mobile phones for cash in a quick and easy process.

Written by Mazuma

Mazuma Mobile is the UK's most trusted mobile phone recycling service.

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