First of all, under no circumstances must you throw it out. With mobile phones becoming cheaper and cheaper by the day and much more accessible, there really is no need to hold on to broken mobiles or even “out of date” models that you no longer desire and unfortunately, due to their relatively low economical value, often end up in the bin. However there really is no need for this as there are numerous options for your old or broken mobile and throwing it out should always be your last option.

In the case of broken mobiles, you should consider mobile recycling or some parts of it as there are many phone shops that will happily take in what you no longer need. If it is just the case that you have been offered an upgrade or that your mobile is simple no longer fashionable, why not sell you mobile phone for some extra pocket money or trading it in as part of a new contract, a new and attractive offer? Phone recycling for cash is often the preferred option especially amongst the young as they are very much in contact with the mobile phone industry. Either way, you can rest assured that there are many options available for your old phone before resorting to throwing it in the dustbin.

At Mazuma we have everything you need to help you sell, trade in or recycle your old, broken or simply unwanted mobile phones.

Written by Mazuma

Mazuma Mobile is the UK's most trusted mobile phone recycling service.

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