With the mobile phone industry being one that thrives on technology, we are all too aware that it can sometimes let us down. Such products aren’t as invincible as we often think, and sometimes over time, our products can turn faulty. Not only this, at Mazuma Mobile we understand that humans can be clumsy, with mobile phones often being dropped and damaged!

A mobile phone that doesn’t work properly or has a visible physical fault can be a real pain during the current economic recession. You may replace your faulty phone, but still feel annoyed that there is nothing else you can do. However, you can still get cash for your mobile, yes, even if it doesn’t work!

At Mazuma Mobile, as long as your phone switches on and off, we don’t particularly care what condition the phone is in. With some clever tweaks from our specialists, we can often find a new use for the phone.

The most important thing to us is ensuring that old mobile phones are disposed of properly. Particularly with a phone that doesn’t work, it can be tempting to just throw it away. After all, what other use does it have? But if you wish to get rid of your unreliable product, you can still be a part of phone recycling for cash, just by popping it in a bag and sending it in.

So even if your old mobile is unreliable and not working correctly, it can still earn you money. It will also mean that you are helping preserve the natural environment.

Written by Mazuma

Mazuma Mobile is the UK's most trusted mobile phone recycling service.

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