What Happens When You Recycle and Sell Mobile Phone Sets?

If you need to sell mobile phone handsets, either because they have stopped working, or because you are due for an upgrade, you may be wondering what exactly happens to your devices once they reach a recycling centre.

Once you decide to recycle Blackberry phones or other types of mobile, and the recycling centre has received your handsets, each cell phone undergoes various tests. First, each phone’s unique International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number is compared with the Central Equipment Identity (CEIR) database to ensure it is not stolen or lost.

Thanks to mobile phone recycling, charities can donate phones to organisations in countries in the developing world, such as in Africa and Asia, where they are sold for a low price or given away.

When you recycle and sell Blackberry phone handsets, there are other benefits, too. Not only will you be putting extra cash in your pocket, but you can rest assured that your old telephone is not causing environmental damage in landfill, gathering dust or taking up valuable storage space in your home.

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