When you decide ‘It’s time to sell my mobile’, it’s about more than just decluttering your home. Old phones contain potentially toxic substances, and cadmium batteries can pollute the water system and lead, brominated lame retardants and beryllium could all cause harm to the environment if you don’t recycle mobile phones responsibly. So don’t throw your old model out with the garbage!
What generally happens is that, once they’re tested, most used mobiles are shipped overseas to be sold. Examples of countries where his happens include the Middle and Far East, South America and Africa.
Especially for phones of a lower value, it will probably be broken down and sold as component parts. But even if it’s totally worthless, recycling companies will at least give you peace of mind that your mobile is being disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.
At Mazuma Mobile, we recycle mobile phones for cash, and we take our responsibilities towards the planet and our customers very seriously. We believe reuse is a hugely important part of recycling, and so make what we offer as attractive as possible.
We process redundant mobiles, allowing them to be reused in developing markets such as Africa, China, India and Pakistan. So we help these emerging economies at the same time.
You’ll find our free online process very straightforward and user-friendly. We even pay for postage, only need your handset and battery, and take an extensive range of models. There’s more online.

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