It may not surprise you that here in Mazuma HQ we’re a merry band of tech wizards and net-crazy, meme-quoting geeks! For most of us (you included!) the internet is a way of life, a valuable lifeline and – dare we say it – our friend!
Mazuma Mobile was born online, or rather, it was born in a phone bank in the real world, then expanded online when we realised you people just needed a little more info on mobile phone recycling and you’d be behind it 100%
The idea of Mazuma is really quite simple – use the online tool to find out how much you could sell your mobile for, accept the quote (or decline it and get nothing!), pop your phone in the post to us and wait for those delightful pennies (or rather, pounds, we don’t deal in pennies!) to drop onto your doorstep in the form of either a cheque or Argos vouchers.
We don’t operate real world stores for a simple reason – practicality. We know your life is probably even busier than ours, and we barely have time to get the weekly shop in, never mind traipsing to a mobile phone recycling store just for a quote! By basing Mazuma online we save you time and oh-it’s-such-a-pain-to-get-the-bus-into-town-so-I-won’t-bother effort. Our simple online service encourages all mobile phone owners to log on, trade in and log out – simple!
And since you’re bothering to use our service, we reckon you deserve a nice cup of tea and biscuit!

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