Screen nicks and scratches were already the bane of the computer user’s life, and then they go and introduce mobile phones into the arena! If you want to sell your mobile phones for cash at some point, the notion of keeping it safe and in top condition is likely something that weighs on your mind as you cast it into the depths of your pocket amongst loose change, uncapped pens and house keys! Ever on the alert to help lengthen the life of your mobile, here are our cardinal sins and must-do tips for the touch screen mobile phone user.

•    Screen protectors are certainly one of the easiest ways to try and keep dirt, grease, scratches and pressure damage away from your gorgeous new Nokia N900 etc. Invest in a multipack to make sure there’s always one on standby just in case.

•    Touch screen panels are incredibly sensitive to environmental damage (e.g. dust, grease etc) so do everything you can to avoid letting grime come into contact with your touch screen. That means no grubby fingers!

•    Pressure can cause even the most robust touch screens to suffer display damage. Avoid actions like stabbing repeatedly at frozen web pages, jabbing the stylus at icons etc.

•    Never use detergents or harsh chemicals to clean a touch screen.

•    Never clean a touch screen by spraying liquid directly on to it. Always apply to a soft cloth first.

We accept broken old mobile phones too, but if you look after your touch screens you’ll get a lot more cash for mobiles!

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