We are constantly being bombarded with news about climate change and the importance of minimising our impact on the Earth. It is important that we each do our bit to help the environment and minimise our carbon footprint. When it comes to living green, there are so many simple things we can do. Below are some tips to get you on the green track.

  1. Compost your leftovers
    It is possible to compost much of your household waste, including food scraps and garden waste. You can either make a compost heap in your garden or, for a small cost, buy a purpose built composting bin to deposit your waste. You can then use your compost to fertilise plants and flowers in your garden.
  2. Recycle your mobile
    It is possible to sell your mobile to us at Mazuma Mobile. We will recycle your mobile, thus saving it from a landfill site where it will remain for years to come. Mobiles are popular and mobile technology moves so fast that many of us replace our phones regularly, leading to a surplus of phones, many of which will simply be tossed aside. Recycling is a much greener option and you could earn some much needed cash in too.
  3. Use solar chargers
    Most of us have homes that are cluttered with all manner of electronic gadgets. It is common, in many homes, for every electrical socket to be jammed with gadgets. This is bad for the planet and does your carbon footprint no favours. It will also cost you a packet when your electricity bill arrives. Using a solar powered charger to charge up some of your smaller gadgets is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and save cash all in one go.

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Mazuma Mobile is the UK's most trusted mobile phone recycling service.

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