One of positive things about mobile phones is that they are constructed from partly recyclable materials. This means that everyone can do their bit to ensure that their old mobiles are not put in a landfill site. However, many people still wonder why this is so important.

Mobile phones make use of rarities such as gold, silver and various minerals that are expensive to mine from the ground! Mining also damages the land around it. Hence by getting cash for your old mobile, you can stop these valuable components from going to waste. Using them again in new handsets is much better than adding to pollution.

The mobile phone surplus is massive. A huge percentage of the world’s population are estimated to be involved in the mobile phone industry and on average, UK households are said to have at least one old handset lying around unused. As phones decompose, they can release harmful toxins and chemicals, which can get into water supplies. With companies such as us at Mazuma Mobile, we prevent you from disposing of mobiles unsafely and potentially doing the environment harm.

The government is putting the pressure on to get the recycling movement well and truly underway. With global warming worries and the current economic situation, phone recycling offers many benefits. It helps to temporarily relieve financial strain from the people that make use of our service and keeps phones off of landfill sites, where they may eventually cause a great deal of harm to planet Earth. Thus phone recycling is a ‘win, win’ solution which may just be in time.

Written by Mazuma

Mazuma Mobile is the UK's most trusted mobile phone recycling service.

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