The recession is biting hard, and everybody is looking for ways to save money. At times like this, we all have to tighten our belts and find other ways to scrimp, save and scrounge a little extra cash.

Rummaging around in the loft and garden for things to sell is always a good idea, but cleaning it all, and making everything presentable can take a lot of time and effort. And when you do have the sale, proving all your electricals work properly is exhausting, and haggling over sometimes as little as 50p can seem so petty and futile.

Then there is the dilemma between selling an item because you need the money, and giving it away cheaply to the noisy neighbour down the road who plays guitar until 2am in the morning. Or being persuaded into selling a job lot of your childhood collection of brass badges for a tiny sum, by a dealer who you know will get at least triple in the next antique fair.

Well, at Mazuma Mobile we have at least one solution to earn you a few pennies without any of the trouble of a car boot sale. We give you cash for phones! No haggling, no fuss. If you have any old mobile phones you wish to recycle, log onto our website and find out how much we will pay you.

Mobile recycling is an easy way to earn that much needed cash.

Written by Mazuma

Mazuma Mobile is the UK's most trusted mobile phone recycling service.

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