An important aspect that should be taken into consideration when selling mobile phone is that although the price for the brand of phone and model number may be quoted, it’s really a guide as most mobile recycling websites will assess the condition of your handset when they receive it, and take that into account when offering you cash for it.

Many refurbished old mobile phones are directly shipped out to people in developing third world areas to provide them critical access to a cheap mobile which will be of a higher standard than they will have seen or used before.

Old mobile phones that broken or do not work very well are immediately put through the recycling process. A lot of the components are immediately recycled, and some old handsets actually have small quantities of gold and silver inside them, which is extracted during the recycling process.

Choosing to recycle mobiles for cash means that everybody involved, whether it is yourself as a mobile phone user or another person who can make good use of your old mobile phone. The wider impact that recycling has on global environment issues can not be underestimated, so making a decision that can benefit everyone involved is more important than ever.

We at Mazuma Mobile are experts in mobile phone recycling providing a fast mobile recycling service with competitive cash deals to those choosing to use us to sell a mobile for recycling.

Written by Mazuma

Mazuma Mobile is the UK's most trusted mobile phone recycling service.

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