Want to sell things on eBay? Oh but wait, that involves taking photos, writing the listing etc. Seems like a lot of effort for a lazy person. Don’t get us wrong, we’re certainly afflicted with the laziness gene here at Mazuma H.Q (why wash your coffee mug when there are shiny clean ones sitting right by the kettle!?) but here are a few reasons to make the effort!
Of COURSE this is our first titbit of advice! The Mazuma mobile phone recycling service is pretty much designed to give even the laziest of sloths a little boost! You don’t even need to leave the safety of the online world; just fill in a few make and model details, find out how much we’ll give you to recycle old mobiles, accept the quote if you’re happy, and wait for the free postage bag to arrive on your doorstep!
Selling Online
Although a bit of a chore sometimes, a day spent cataloguing surplus items like DVDs, hair straighteners, books, homewares, car parts, unopened birthday gifts etc. could make more pennies than you might think. Using websites like freecycle.org could unearth a straight swap, too!
Donating to Charity
The Charity Retail Association – charityshops.org.uk – is a great resource for lazy folks. They maintain a massive database of U.K charity shops and depots that can collect all kinds of items straight from your front door. So, there’s no excuse not to prepare a few donation bags and maybe FINALLY get rid of that old furniture from the loft/garage/shed!

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