In the current environmental situation, the government is putting the pressure on for everyone to do their bit to improve things. At Mazuma Mobile, we understand better than most the importance of recycling and what difference it can make. Phone recycling may seem minimal, but swapping your old mobiles for cash really does count in you playing your part. So why is recycling so important?

There are four key areas to consider when talking about the importance of recycling. First up, energy saving. We’re sure you’ve heard the advice about swapping high watt bulbs for energy savers and turning off electrical products when not in use. Energy saving is crucial as it helps to keep the risks associated with global warming at bay.

Recycling also allows material conservation. If that old phone’s just lying lifelessly in the back of your drawer, it is effectively money and material that has gone to waste. Phone recycling, as an example, allows for the re-use of such products, which leaves a larger level of material available for other electrical products. Throw it on a landfill and it’s completely wasted.

Hence, landfill is the final chief aspect to the importance of recycling. Not only does it create a huge mass of wasted goods, but it harms the environment. This is because products that may contain toxins or dangerous chemicals are not disposed of properly, allowing nasty things to creep into our water supplies and corrupt our environment. Recycling prevents this, whilst freeing up more land for other types of land use.

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Mazuma Mobile is the UK's most trusted mobile phone recycling service.

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