At Mazuma Mobile, we realise more than most just how fast the industry is evolving. Mobile phones have completely changed the face of technology in just 25 years. But where will mobile phones be at in 10 years time? Here’s our hazard at a few guesses.

Many science noggins are already discussing a new technology in regard to combining credit/debit cards with our mobile phones. This could mean that in a few years time, we could pay for things in shops with a special chip and pin device built into the handset. If that’s not fantastic technology, then what is?

Internet browsing should also become completely reliable. Some mobile phone handsets initiate some problems with connections and internet formats. However, within 10 years, mobile internet technology should be just as advanced as using it on a computer.

Navigational devices should also become a lot more advanced. Some phones already adopt a system which can allow you to be located simply through your mobile phone signal; however boffins also reckon that within the decade, we should be able to make a 999 call without even needing to speak to an operator. We could be zoned into the NHS at all times.

If mobile phone technology continues to evolve at fast pace, it is likely that phone recycling companies will also need to up their game. Who knows, maybe a system where you can swap old mobiles for cash may pop up in a local high street outlet?

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