Recycling services deal with thousands of your old handsets on a daily basis and are increasingly pleased at the growing trend of phone recycling. However, many uses of phone recycling services are unaware of just how beneficial they are being to the environment when they make use of a modern mobile phone recycling service.

In terms of electronic products, many people would agree that disposing of an old computer or other household electrical product in an insensitive way would harm the environment. Such items decompose over time and as they do, harmful toxins are inevitably released. However, it comes to a surprise to many people that old mobile phones do the same thing.

Mobile phones contain contaminants that can pose environmental problems when disposed of improperly. You may well have heard of some of the following toxins: arsenic, lead, mercury, copper and zinc. These are just a few of the potentially dangerous components that make up our mobile phones and have been linked to diseases such as cancer. When left on landfills, these toxins can gradually seep out into the environment and make their way into our water supply, which could make some of us unwell.

Mobile phone batteries also contain hazardous metals, such as nickel, which ideally need to be disposed of or put to better use by companies like us at Mazuma Mobile. We are more than happy to give you cash for your old mobiles, as it reaps benefits for you, us and our environment. Phone recycling is simply brilliant, because it is recycling that also rewards you.

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Mazuma Mobile is the UK's most trusted mobile phone recycling service.

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