Selling your old mobile phone couldn’t be any easier than coming to us here at Mazuma Mobile. We can provide a free quotation and service for most makes and phone models, and you can sell your device at the click of a button. So, how do you start? Follow our step by step guide below and you can’t go wrong.

Step 1 – Tell Us What Phone You Have

You’ll find a search box on our homepage which requires you to enter your model or IMEI number. If you don’t know your IMEI number off by heart (who does?) then you can find the unique 15 digit serial number either on the back of your phone or, if you have an Apple phone, on the SIM tray. However, if that doesn’t work, simply type *#06# onto the keypad and the number will pop up. Then click the search button and a quotation will appear on your screen.

Step 2 – To Sell or Not to Sell

Once you’ve stated whether your mobile phone does or does not work, you can then decide whether or not to accept the quotation. If you decide that you’d like to sell your old phone at Mazuma, then you can pick a payment method from cheque or an EFT bank transfer.

Step 3 – Enter Your Information and Pick a Free Post Option

We will then require some personal information from you to make the payment. You can then decide on whether you would like us to send you a free post pack or if you’d like to print your own sales pack on your printer. You can then send your device to us free of charge. However, if you send us 10 or more handsets then you will qualify for a free courier collection.

Step 4 – Payment

We aim to provide a quick and efficient service to our customers, which is why we promise to put the money into your account or send the cheque to your address within 48 hours. We will pay you the full amount stated or you’ll get your phone back, free of charge. You can get more details about how it works on our site.

Four steps – that’s all it takes to sell your phone and have the money in your account. Also, we are dedicated to providing an environmentally mobile phone recycling service, which is why 95% of the recycle mobile phones will be reused. The other 5% will be recycled in an environmentally friendly manner. So our service is good for your bank balance as well as being good for the planet.

Interested? Send us your mobile phones to us here at Mazuma Mobile – a responsible and reliable mobile phone recycler. You can also contact us today for more information on our unrivalled services or read more about how it works.

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